4 Reasons Water Is Leaking Under Your Garage Door — And How To Fix It

Does water keep finding its way into your garage when it rains? Your garage door is meant to be a barrier against the elements and other threats to your home and property — water included!

Even small amounts of water can contribute to problems like pests, mold growth, etc., to say nothing of the risk of larger amounts of water damaging things in your garage.

There are a few different reasons this might be happening, which we’ll discuss in this article — but if you find yourself facing trouble with water leaking under the garage door and can’t work out the source or a solution, you can count on the team at Overhead Door Company of Greater Cincinnati™.

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Reason #1: Poor Door Seals

Damage or poor installation compromising your garage door seals is the most common reason for leaks. Check where the garage door meets the ground; you should see a flexible rubber gasket extending across, acting as a seal, much like the weatherproofing on your front door or windows.

If this rubber strip is displaced, cracked or torn, the seal will be broken and it will be easy for water, air, insects and other things to get into your garage through the gaps. This can be easily resolved with a replacement or fix for the seal.

Of course, your garage door seal can only prevent so much water from coming in; if there’s enough pushing against it, then it will make its way in, seal or no seal. This leads us to our other sources of garage door leaks.

Reason #2: Gutter Issues

Proper gutters keep water from damaging your roof by accumulating where it shouldn’t or eroding delicate structures — but they also protect the ground and your home against uncontrolled falling water.

If water is falling off your roof by the garage door because gutters aren’t leading it away, then it’s easy for the seal to be overwhelmed by the excess. Resolve the problem with new gutters or downspouts to direct water away.

Reason #3: Inward-Sloping Soil

The slope of your lawn can often be a source of trouble; if your garage is at a low point relative to the yard around it, it’s easy for large amounts of water to push against your garage door. You might need to adjust the soil grading to resolve this problem or a drainage system to move water elsewhere.

Reason #4: Downward-Sloping Driveway

A downward-sloping driveway leading to your garage can overwhelm even the best seal and make lawn grading irrelevant. In this case, your best solution is a drain trench directly in front of the garage door with an iron grate, so you can drive over it while water gets redirected via pipe or ditch to a less frustrating destination.

Garage Door Installation, Repair & Replacement in the Cincinnati Area

If you have a problem with your garage door, including damaged or worn seals, Overhead Door Co. of Greater Cincinnati can help. We can even help you identify other causes of leaks if you can’t identify the exact source of your trouble, and handle other repairs and maintenance while we’re there.

When you need garage door repair, contact the team at Overhead Door Co. of Greater Cincinnati. We provide 24-hour emergency service and will get things done right the first time.

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