Why Does My Garage Door Stop Halfway?

If your garage door stops halfway up or down, this could indicate a variety of issues. Many of these could be taken care of with a simple garage door repair, but even with a minor fix, the safest bet is to call a service professional.

Garage doors are extremely heavy, and it can be very dangerous attempting to fix a broken garage door on your own, especially one that is stuck halfway.

To help you navigate this common issue, we’ll explain why garage doors stop halfway, common causes and some actions you can take to prevent your garage door from getting stuck.

How a Garage Door Works (and Why it Gets Stuck!)

Garage doors have internal settings called “limits.” When you first install a garage door, you program the limits, so the door knows how far it needs to go up and then back down (travel limits) as well as the force and speed required to go that distance (force limits).

When a limit is disrupted, meaning something is making it work harder than originally programmed, the door will stop halfway and either return to its previous position (closed or open) or remain stuck. A variety of common issues can mess with the limits, triggering your door to stop halfway.

Common Garage Door Issues

Some common issues that affect your limits and cause the garage door to stop halfway are:

  • Clogged rails: As much as garage doors open and close throughout the year, it’s no surprise that loose leaves or dirt can sometimes get stuck in the garage door’s rails. Over time, this buildup creates a blockage, preventing the garage door from fully opening or closing.
  • Damaged springs: Garage door springs are constantly supporting the heavy force of the garage door. If these springs are damaged, the garage door system must work harder than intended to function, thus testing the limits.
  • Weather conditions: Inclement weather can cause the garage door rails to contract to a point where they require additional pressure to open or close. Again, this extra pressure may be outside the original force limit, and the door will stop.

These are common reasons why your garage door is stopping halfway, and many can be prevented or spotted early with some preventive maintenance. If you don’t think it’s any of the above-mentioned issues, the best thing you can do is have a professional inspect the system.

How To Prevent Your Garage Door From Stopping Halfway

Each of our garage doors comes with an owner’s manual that has regular maintenance tips. We strongly recommend you follow some of those tips to help prevent your door from getting stuck. If you’re not comfortable attempting the maintenance on your own, that’s OK! You can schedule a service call with us to take care of it.

General maintenance you can do to prevent your garage door from stopping is:

  • Contact reverse
  • Safe-T-Beam® system check
  • Door balance
  • Lubricate door hardware
  • Check your limits

Detailed instructions for these tasks are outlined in the owner’s manuals. Many of these are also troubleshooting suggestions if your door is stopping halfway.

It’s good to do general maintenance in the fall (right before winter) and the spring. Checking after any extreme weather, especially if it was left open for an extended period, is also a good idea.

Schedule a Garage Door Repair in Cincinnati

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